Grab Facebook Video Token $50-$100

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    I wanna to have a php script created.

    Firstly, to view facebook video we need to be logged in, so i need the script able login any facebook account, next visit the url i enter e.g for this we use the url above.

    If u play this video, it will show high quality since its available.

    If u realize, the path of the video is

    With oh , oe ,gda all those token, i want someone able grab this and so when i enter the url of the video, the download path of the video will be grab and return as a result.

    Paying $50-$100 for this code, NO UPFRONT PAYMENT. Only paid after u prove u can do it.

    Only p.m me after u done, with pastebin of the code & the demo page & include your paypal.