Grab 30-40 dollars for each 1 dollar signup!

Are you stupid? Do you like to purposely be an idiot? Just because this is blackhat doesn't mean there are no rules.
Your an idiot "dude" because if you have read the rules you should know that you are not allowed to spam your affiliate link, so my bet is that he does know where he is, i am wondering are you?
this aint acceptable in the affiliate forum either..... go read the rules or be gone
Well then someone can just delete this and i will post it on the affiliate programs section

did you not read my post.....

i will make it clearer for you


you understand now (oh and colour choice was intended to give you flashbacks of your life) (dont ask lol)
i'm not spamming, idiot...........

Ho is the idiot here? if you don't even know what spamming is, because if you did you wouldn't make this statement.

There is really no value at all in your post not even for people ho turned on their computer for the fist time so please fuck of and read the rules next time.

Another example of why BHW needs to close the doors for a while, we are getting way to much DP idiots like this one.
I guess his journey here was short... :)

Nevertheless, nice color choice, match with your avatar... lol. :D
Only 42 minutes from his first post to his last. I know it is not a record. The one guy from last week probably holds that record.
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