❤️GPT-3 unique Ai blog machine❤️⏩Auto poster⏩Auto SEO⚡Build thousand of Ai blog in minutes⚡Get up to $1000 GPT3 credits Tricks❤️Make $1800 PM

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Mr. Grinder

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Jul 29, 2017
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Breach yourself.

I brings you complete automated solution of Building thousand of Ai blog In a minuets with 100% unique content, and copyright free images and format the article directly post to your WordPress website!


This is not ordinary crappy garbage PAA website-building software that never gets monetize. This tool does not scrape other people's posts, images, like normal garbage sites has! This tools able to build 100% unique blogs that makes money

Just keep reading and you will find something that really works!

Let me explain to you what it is.

I develop tools that generate 100% unique and up to 85% accurate answer articles (GPT-3). Not only that, but it will also format the article h2 and h3 tags, download copyright-free images from pixels related to your niche, keywords and images seo alt tags and directly post into your WordPress site


the tools in action

What you need to do is.

  1. Get the software
  2. Setup the WordPress website
  3. Load your keywords into the text file
  4. Feed the open Api keys to the tools
  5. Hit enter, grab a coffee, relax and watch the traffic and money rolling in.

Features of the GPT 3 unique Ai blog machine

  1. It will generate 100% unique (no plagiarism) and up to 90% accurate answer
  2. It will post generated articles automatically to WordPress (amazing!)
  3. It will pre-format everything automatically before posting (h2, h3 tags, images alt tag, embed related video from youtube)
  4. You can create or assign a WordPress post category before posting
  5. It has multi API option from open ai (GPT-3) means if one of your APIs not works, it will automatically take another one
  6. No license limit ( I can run 300 instances in 7 different servers)
  7. No instance limit (You can run as much as you have API and credits )
  8. No keywords/ article limit(I generate and post 5000 per day, since its unique so I focus on quality)
What you will get after order?


DO they index? Definitely they do


Do they get traffic? Yes, already getting thousands of


The new one


Do they makes money? 100% they make money







Literally bro, I can not say any lie like other people here that I made $200k million bla bla. last month I made around $1,879 in total from ezoic, adsense and amazon. Yes since it unique blog, its possible to monetized with also amazon affiliate links:)

Wait, not only that, I will also share my super secret tricks of getting up to $1000 grants credits from open ai. This is a real-time secret tricks that nobody usually shares. i already include this trick into this package.

But wait, here is more as Bonus!

I will share with you how to get up to $1,000 credits into open ai, so you never get run out of credit!!!
Now let me explain why you need to build unique ai blogs.

With my tools, you can build

  1. 100% niche-focused blog (the main opportunity)
  2. 100% unique Ai blog(takes 10 minutes to set up per blog)
  3. Automatically post into WordPress(no extra hassel for importing, SEO, images, etc.)
  4. Automatically pre format the article according to the right on-page SEO (before posting)
  5. You have a 100% unique blog, so get whitelisted from google
  6. it will upload 100% unique copyright-free images with alt text of main keywords!
  7. It will embed related videos to each article.
  8. Get monetized almost every ads network (I do mostly Adsense, ezoic)
  9. 100% automated, just set up in 10 minutes and sleep
  10. Multi API using option, never run out of api, credits or article

Why I stop building PAA website?

From my experience I had built dozen of PAA blog and the most darkside of the PAA blog is

It never get monetize, if so, you never get payment
IT get penalize from google pretty quick
Give no real value to user

Plagiarized and copyright materials

Total value of the whole things $1400

Bhw price is only $250

Get your additional $30 discount just ask “unique ai blog discount” in the comment and you will get discount right into your inbox!


Crypto and wise (transfer wise)

Do NOT search my name at telegram!( lot of scammers, you will get confused!)
Just simply click the link below and connect with the real me!

Telegram links https://t.me/mrgrinderr

What if your tools stopped working?

As long as it works for me it will works for you, software works as I describe here, I ran it for almost 7 month and no error I get

Do you provide support?

I will send you guides and everything, if you still have any question, just ask via telegram

Do you provide refund?

No refund, due to the nature of service we provide no refund and all sales are final.

Still, got a question? Just comment the thread
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unique ai blog discount
Send me samples to look at please. " Hit enter, grab a coffee, relax and watch the traffic and money rolling in. "
unique ai blog discount!. Can you also send me some samples?
sample site, and discount code.
Also have you given out any review copies yet, asking to see if we can expect to see reviews posted here soon.
Can i see a sample site please?

unique ai blog discount
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