Got traffic - yum yum - it's your lucky day :-)

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    Hi Guys

    I willing to give a few selected FREE access to my realtime analytics platform.
    To qualify you need a high/semi-high traffic website.

    Will be opening up for an invite only system after the summer.
    Want in now and enjoy the secret fruit - shoot me a PM with your daily traffic details on average (no illegal stuff).

    Takes less than 10 seconds to setup :)

    Headlines for what I'm doing....

    User behavior in Real-time
    Ground-breaking visualizations will help increase your conversion rate drastically.
    It's like virtually standing behind the shoulders of your visitors. Stop guessing and start knowing.

    Data that matters
    Eye tracking, static heat-maps and analyzing raw data are SO yesterday :)
    Get REAL insights, like no one else.

    100% FREE
    Yes, it's totally free and we hope you will enjoy it.
    What's the catch? There is no catch - we encourage you to recommend it to other :)
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