Got the Tools just Need a Perfect Seo Plan. Please Advice.

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    Hi all, i am looking for a plan to perfectly promote my local business on my local market. the compitition is very low, a simple creation of a youtube video get me on the top. I have used Xrumer blasts on my website before about 6 months before and that worked very good and gave me alot of traffic but i stopped building links and google dont show my site anymore for lots of keywords.

    Now i want to dedicate once again and make the web ready for Xmas money. So i am looking for some advise that if someone can give me some of there time and explain me the best Seo strategy. i have been building links directly to my website but now i am understanding that that was not the right way.

    So i have the Right Tools but might not the Right Plan.So i Request you to please provide some information with examples.

    Some of my Tools that i have :

    Xrumer 7
    Article Marketing Robot
    TweetAttacks AC
    xGen SEO
    Sick Marketing

    I have this Link Wheel Plan and if this looks good than please explain it. thanks


    thanks for your Time

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    Send me a pm I think I can help you out and make this design a bit more potent and a bit safer to implement.

    Cheers! :plane: