Got targeted scraping S/W? I have ltd-time access to PW protected site w/40M contacts.

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    The site offers a Jigsaw ( service, but it's $5K per year, per user. The site owner gave me a username/pw that has full access and should be good til about 9am Friday morning. If you have access to eGrabber, Mozinda or something similar, its an opportunity to rip a ton of data that can be used for a variety of projects or to sell as good B2B lists. PM me if you're interested. I plan to use the lists myself, but you can sell or do whatever you want. I don't care. PM me today. I'll be checking back periodically throughout the day and responding this afternoon. PM's should be received before 5pmEST. Serious inquiries only please. I don't have time for BS. Your rep here will be important as I'll be giving you access without immediate ability to force you to share what you scrape, so there's an element of trust involved. [​IMG]
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    I missed out on this but am interested.

    Did you find a way to extract the data?
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    Hi Guys dont mean to hijack the thread, I can see its o;d so hope you dont mind!!

    I have access to egrabber for the next 10 days - unlimited searches so if any one wants any email address finding please let me know. Egrabber lets you find emails from google. Have a look at it i have the full version and be happy to put some compaines through if anyone is in need just pm me the list of campnies and their main web site add.

    Hopefully this is of use to some of you. google egrabber before you pm i dont have time to explain what it is