Got Smacked by AdWords

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by CClark56, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Well, it's been about a month since that happened, they didn't like how I was promoting the offers on my LP, I was making around $150 - $200 a day on one site and spending about $20 on ads per day. I can't really go into detail but I wasn't banned or anything like that but my landing page score went to 1 and I asked them what was wrong and they pretty much said they don't like how I'm promoting them.

    So, since then I've been running ads on 7Search and yeah, it pretty much sucks in comparison, paying the same price for about half of the conversions.

    So, I'm wondering, is there any possible way to get around AdWords? I was thinking maybe making a whole new site and then making a nice article about my product/service and putting a link or two in the article to my main LP and then running AdWords ads on the secondary site...

    Has anyone ever tried this? Or maybe you know a better search network or at least something I could do?