Got scamed for 1.5k$!!!

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    Well this maybe is not in the right section but still, I`ll apoligise for mistakes that english is not my mother language !
    But the storry is like this, back in april I wanted to start website, so I looked for some web developers here in BHW, and I found one guy member of BHW his nickane was "ariang86"
    Here is the short version of stoty!
    I talked to him and he took the job, I paid him, he did the job the site was created, after that he offred me that he could do SEO for my website, so I thought why not, he asked me for payment in amount of 1,5k$ for the job, well I pay him, so I had no thoughts that he is legit guy, but well that was bigest mistake I had made, that happened somewere around of this years May, at the end some strange s*it happened, the guy was offline for some thime then come back, with some wierd explenations were he have been gone, and why the job is not going, and he always promised he will make up to all the offline time, but the promises was empty again, this kind b*shit happened for 2-3 month, when at 16 august he dispared totatally, now it`s been more the 2 month, I lost my money that I payid him, and I was totally scamed.
    I tried many ways how to get and find this guy but they all failed, so my question is is there anything I could do to get him or my money back atleast maybe some suggestions ?
    All I have is his IP adress, that seems to be valid and his real IP, form his country, hiss cell can`t be reached from 16 august last time I spoke to him.
    I was really saving all that money, and it`s fu*king shame when someone steals you`re all savings.
    I just want my money back, and that`s it, I payed this guy thro, I had e-maild them, but they say thay can`t to anything about it, they seems really don`t care, but I really want my money back, because I`m broke.
    I have chatlogs from skype with this guy, and his IP adress, that I got from e-mail that he sent me! And that`s all, the cell phone number is not reachable!
    So my question is, what should I do, just for get this, or there is somehting that could be done about this, plus I want to warn other people to be carefull and don`t trust people so much!
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    Welcome to the world of internet maketing
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