Got Hit by Panda Refresh - Who would check my template for Post-Panda-On-Page-Issues

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by subster, Jul 4, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    I've read that on last saturday, the Panda - Filter has been refreshed and many sites have been hit again.
    The site of my main job, too. We had an insane amount of 1 Page rankings, then changed the ecom script, also with a new template.
    All URLs have been redirected properly and the rankings stayed at first.
    Since saturday the site has tanked big time. Almost all first page rankings are gone to hell (from #1 to #78. from 4 to #247 for example and so on).

    I was searching for the reasons and today someone mentioned the template would be overoptimized and it would be no wonder that the site has tanked after the last refresh.

    So my question is if someone could look over the onpage (with human eyes, not only a seomoz report or similar) and could give me some advices for template changes. I recognized some script has generated way to much meta keywords, I removed them now totally, as google does not consider them anymore, but I am afraid I could oversee some factors.

    Any help is apprecieated.

    Thank you very much for your will to help.