Got HiRanks with sentence but want Hiranks with 1 word

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    Oct 18, 2011
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    Hello BlackhatWorld :)

    I have a question for you all :)
    I am currently building some backlinks for my site with
    -Sliq submitter -Sick submitter -No Hands seo

    I want good rankings for the keywords "lasergame" and "lasershooting" (i have a local lasegame renting company) (both keywords have around 4000 hits on google Belgium, i verified that with google ads )
    But because i have a RENTING company, and have to fill in some description and titles in the above programs, i get good ranks for "lasergame rent" and "lasershooting rent" ( both have around 30 hits / month in google Belgium :( )

    If i have to fill in keywords in the seo programs , i don't fill in "lasershooting rent" i just fill in "lasershooting".
    But because my company is about renting, my website is full of the word renting and have to describe my website and give it a title , i have to use the word "renting".

    How do i get good rankings for 1 keyword only and not for a sentence ?