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Nov 8, 2008
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I have a decent product that has proven marketing potential - when I email market internationally I can get 150-2000 leads a day. But my company is absolutely sick of email marketing, and want to turn to affiliates.

This is in the social media niche. We want to generate 1000 leads a week at 1-3 dollars a lead based on the title of the person that responds. Three dollars for professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, people with advanced degrees, academics etc) 1 dollar for consumers, small business owners, putchky stuff. A lead is generated every time someone fills out our form.

Here's the deal:

1. Non-incentivized. This is based purely on networking need and perhaps the vanity of the subject. Means nothing to us if they just want a free XBoX.

2. We are interested in about 2k landing page fill outs in two weeks, as much as 3k. If we can find an affiliate who can do this kind of volume we will dump money on him.

3. We dont have an affiliate tracking system set up yet, just tell us what your account is and we will do everything we can to make an equitable set up with you.

So, NO incentives, Cost Per Lead, Global Marketing Except Asia and equatorial Africa. PM me if interested and we can begin an email correspondence regarding product information, payment details, and tracking details.
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