got alot of youtube traffic?


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Nov 14, 2007
Hit me up, I can hook you up with a fucking awesome CPA program that converts like hell with youtube traffic. I can get you a good rate, plus you wont have to worry about getting shit canned. PM me your aim, skype, msn, or whatever screen name.
Why do not you post the program here? If there are any legitimate reasons for so much secrecy, then please pm me and explain , otherwise, you just need to post the program here and you can include an affiliate link in the signature.

Otherwise, the thread will be closed.

EDIT: The thread starter seems to have a legiti reason for not posting the program here, so you can pm him.
guys I am having a hard time keeping up with all the pm's etc. PLEASE PM ME A MESSENGER NAME OR AIM ME @ SCREEN NAME HOTSTOXXX . Please include your bhw username when messaging me
I spoke to hotstox on MSN and am in the program. He's not trying to sell anything or any of that malarkey. It's just a really good affiliate offer to promote through Youtube. It's basically designed for promoting through Youtube!

Haven't started yet but I can see this having a high conversion rate. Will have to wait and see!
metaldragon you tried messaging me on aim? whats your screen name Im on right now =)
ya this doesnt make much sense why not just put it in your sig?
Dude, when you get a spare minute can you pm me the information? I don't do messengers - people were forever hitting me up.
I have PMed hotstoxm, nick and some other members but got no reply at all.
I have a lot of youtube traffics and really want to know this

could anybody PM me this CPA program ?

Thanks a lot !
yeah, me too, could anybody PM me with this affiliate program? I'll sign up under your affiliate program

I have an affiliate program coming soon that can take youtube traffic.... I might beable to give you a higher payout then your current cpa network... will keep you posted :)
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