Got accepted into my first 6 networks w/ no prev. exp


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Apr 27, 2009
Hey everyone,

Trying to get into CPA's and what not and have read just briefly over what to do or say, etc.. what type of site to have before applying. The type I site honestly probably wouldn't be monetized with 3 of the networks that I got accepted in, but I think it was more of how I sounded and put on the application.

Here are the 6 I got accepted into:

  1. cp*le*d
  2. za*ngo c*$h
  3. m*x b**nty
  4. d@rk blu*
  5. c0pr0sp3r -- > got rejected, wrote an email got accepted within a couple hours after
  6. @4dtr@ck3r

The only one left that's pending is n3v3rblu* which I'll call them tomorrow and see if I can get accepted.

I only spoke to 2 out of the 6 over the phone, out of the 2 I had to call one back. On the application I was just honest with them and pretty much said I've had affiliate marketing experience and have sold products through clickbank by utilizing article marketing, seo, ppc, social media, etc... That was it, nothing too hard. The website that I used, again, was simple and probably I could've used a better one but I still got accepted.

NOW that part is over, the hard part is now trying to see how to make money - any tips? :)
does cp*le*d need a phone call? i've got some great ideas on incet offers, but im afraid to apply.. lol.. fear of rejection ..
Those are not the hardest networks to get in too though but congrats anyway. However, if you read the stickys you'll notice that indeed no prior experience is required to get accepted into those networks. I had no experience at all when I started (duh!) but it took me little effort to get into about twelve of them with only 2 rejections. Even though I'm not from the US.
they all were not that hard.. try to get into copeac or neverblue or maxbounty.. :)
Goes to show how just about everyone can get into CPA networks if they have the right attitude.

they all were not that hard.. try to get into copeac or neverblue or maxbounty.. :)

He already stated that he got into Maxbounty and is going to approach Neverblue tomorrow.
If you need any help with what to say let me know, I just got accepted into another one - that makes it 9/10 (1 that's pending is Hydr@ which I'll call here shortly)
I guess he must definitely have said one of those which was discussed earlier in this forum Lol Good Job xziler8r. Now start promoting...
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