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    I got accepted into maxbounty week ago with this method Ive discovered.

    This can help u if you are non usa and your English is bad like me.

    1. go to clickbank marketplace and choose good looking website for examp.
    h**p:// a related domain or register free

    3.install wordpress with some landing page tamplate and copy the site above
    of course you should change a little - titles and description.
    Now u can use this website for your application (worked for me)

    4.submit your app into your cpa company. if you use Max Bouny
    their contact info is on the web page you'll go to when verify your email adrress them wia AIM and tell them your application id

    read this thread first

    If your English is bad get a paper and write the answers from thread above
    then u can use google translator to see how it sound.

    6. when they call you say them your english is bad and answer their questions as you can and ask if you can complete the rest of the interview over IM. and everything will be ok

    7. Enjoy and profit
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