Got a Lot of Friends? Add apps. =D

Discussion in 'Myspace' started by shylesson, Aug 19, 2008.

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    I have found that there is a ton of people that love the "new" apps on Myspace. And they build up little add trains just to get more friends so they can add them to all their apps. Now they love quick adds because it means they do not have to go in and invite you and enter captcha at times or deal with that process at all. So what I have done is added a handful of these games, allowed others to add me to their friends list [I get a good 30-40 adds a day just because I posted in ONE single app forum telling me to add them], and then I post a bulletin with all my 'quick add' links. I also put a 'footer' in the bottom with external links to my other sites [1 maybe 2 at a time]. You can also do this in the 'forum' sections for each app as well as the groups that each app has [and there are many per app even].

    So you are asking 'so what'...These people are so addicted to these apps that they first just blindly click all the links, but secondly they actually check out a 'new' link in hopes of finding a 'new' app/game to play. So you will not only get the free traffic for a hot minute or two, but you also get potential interests.....the possibilities I will leave up to your imagination. ;)
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    yeah i noticed this too, and i've been getting more adds faster than with friend adders. they absolutely love these apps, most of which require you to have lots of friends linked to the app to be more powerful. so i've jut been building up a few accounts to do some myspace marketing. plus you can use the bulletin system inside the apps to spam. apps have made it very easy to build a massive friends list.