Got a Goal, This is my goal

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    Aug 7, 2008
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    My father, who is at current 48 years old, is a man that all my life I have never been able to show how much he has done for me, my dad has been near the perfect dad to me, and I have been ungrateful, and never done anything to show him what he has done for me.
    Also, I have never been completely dedicated to this MMO thing. And Im not allowed to get a bank account yet, and yes I am 16, but they wont let me get one I can manage.

    What I have:
    - A vast amount of resources such as templates, ebooks, etc. etc.
    -Strong writing ability, being able to pump out dozens of great articles a day
    -A vast amount of knowledge in MMO
    -Motivation, and Goals

    What I need:
    -A verified Paypal account to store money in
    -To pick a method to begin using SOMETHING: Probably: CLickbank, CPA, and PPI
    -A solid Plan

    What i want:
    -To make somewhere between 500 to 1000 a week in a couple of months to 2 years.
    -More than anything, to be able to possibly get enough money to get my dad good superbowl tickets. If thats all I can accomplish, then I will be able to say I did something.

    Also, since i am a student, I am planning on implementing the Education CPA method at my school and surrounding schools. Where students sign upf or college info and grant offers. Is there anythign special I need to do for that one to insure not getting blocked by the network as well?

    But, this is my goal and I am going to find a way.
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    Apr 20, 2008
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    Nice... now you need to get to work. :)
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    Las Islas Filipinas
    Rain rain go away,
    Come again another day.
    Little Johnny wants to play;
    Rain, rain, go to Spain,
    Never show your face again!