Got a big Facebook page, no website and sick of using MyLikes? Look no further!

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    Hey guys and girls, well I?m not really good at introductions so I?m just going to make this short and snappy and cut to the chase about this amazing opportunity I?m offering.

    This would be perfect for you if you have nice big Facebook pages and don?t have a website and you?re still getting slapped around with MyLikes.

    So now you?re wondering what I?m offering and that is a chance to put your ad?s on a fully functional website which already has content, sounding better right? Well it doesn?t stop there not only do you get to turn your Facebook traffic into money, you don?t have to do anything as I provide daily updates to the site and also give you lists of links and descriptions so you can copy and paste straight into Facebook!

    So now you?re wondering what do I get from this, well I?m simply doing this for likes on my Facebook page as the links you receive will have a like locker on them so people have to like my page or wait 30 seconds to view the content, so this is a win win for both of us, you make money and I make likes :)

    I have 2 websites currently available for this;

    1) The first website is a kind of humor site with sexy chicks, so this is kind of like an online lads magazine, the website has a nice design and is friendly to the eye with a catchy name, 2 ad slots are available for you to place your ads on 120-160 x 600 and also 300 x 200-250 both in the sidebar.

    2) This is a fight video website currently has 400+ videos on the site all are self hosted from my server, 2 ad slots available on this website 468 x 60-90 banner above videos and also 120-160 x 600 banner ad in the sidebar.

    Making money has never been this simple, you don?t have to update the sites as I do that and I also provide you with links and descriptions to copy and paste to your fans and you can also request content straight from me and I?ll see what I can do ;)

    Recommended ads are CPM since viewers will be switching to a lot of pages, AdSense is a no go for both sites (to risky) you will also get 100% of ad revenue, so there is no catch!

    All you have to do is give me the ad code and I implement it to the site, I don?t see how much you?re earning and I really don?t care as long as you?re happy and I?m happy ;)


    Post link --->I Get Likes --->You Bank-Easy as that

    Custom site with management can also be discussed but this would include revenue share.

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