Got 15,000 clicks in my Clickbank report section in one day - not me!


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Jan 26, 2010
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My reports section in Clickbank shows over 15k clicks on or about Sept 28, 2020. I have never generated that amount of clicks. All the clicks, (usually few in number) I do generate are due to SEO and not paid advertising. None of those 15k clicks resulted in a sale or even a click on an order form - hoplink click. I have not made a sale on Clickbank in a couple years. I used to get an occasional sale. I have been thinking it is time to create a new account at Clickbank anyway. This is crazy.

Also, the 15K clicks do not add up to all the clicks I received on individual offers - actual clicks on offers are much fewer.

I have generated a ton of clicks to offers on Clickbank over the last few years, (same for MaxBounty), none of which have resulted in a single conversion.

Still... I know how to generate lots of targeted traffic. I guess I am just cursed.


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Maybe someone sent you fake traffic, just for fun...take care, you could get banned for this...though, not at your fault probably.
Yeah, well I sent a support ticket to Clickbank stating that I did not generate the hits/traffic. Let's see what happens. I actually don't care much if I do get banned from Clickbank since it's hard to find a decent offer on their platform anyway.
I got 5k++ hops But is from a lot products , so I go check individual products, highest just 27 hops follow by 22 , down to just 1 hop , total hops for all products is 5k

I guess perhaps time haven't come?
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