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May 25, 2019
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We are glad to welcome you in our thread!

Automated system of CTR-boosting for Ads in Google : GoogleWalker.
The system is able to bring your advertise on the TOP position among another competitors!

Bringing or lowering positions in the Google/Bing/Yahoo/DuckDuckGo search : Google/Bing/Yahoo/DuckDuckGo Cheat

1 ) Automated system of CTR-boosting in Google Ads

The price of clicks and conversions goes down many times over with the use of our service!

The program features are constantly being updated. You always get the latest version with additional features.

Test the program on your own ads. You will immediately understand that everything works!

Free test for 24 hours for everyone!

+1000 Fingerprints (Browser Fingerprint) - you can make 1000 clicks

You will only need to buy mobile proxies!

1 proxy provides you 500-600 clicks per day!

You can use unlimited number of streams with the program.

Each thread is individual and opens with its own proxy. There is an opportunity of writing a keyword with different speed, inserting a new browser fingerprint, imitation, etc. All features can be set manually before launching.

Sales Copy GoogleWalker for CTR-boosting in Google Ads :

• 1 month + 50 000 Browser Fingerprint - $ 299
• 3 month + 150 000 Browser Fingerprint - $ 599
• 6 months + 300 000 Browser Fingerprint - $ 799
• Constant License + 1,000,000 Browser Fingerprint - $ 1299
• Buy Browser Fingerprint +10 000 - $ 10

2 ) Bringing or lowering positions in the Google/Bing/Yahoo/DuckDuckGo search

This script allow to promote or downgrade websites in search engines.


• Stable traffic to the site 24/7
• Unique algorithms of imitation of user behavioral factors on websites, incredibly human scrolling pages and filling out forms
• Traffic is making transitions on different pages of the site
• Traffic comes from search engines on the request of your site, which guarantees the growth of positions
• Flexible settings to serve traffic and much, much more!

Sales Copy for Google/Bing/Yahoo/DuckDuckGo Cheat :

• 1 month + 50 000 Browser Fingerprints - $ 299
• 3 month + 150 000 Browser Fingerprint - $ 599
• 6 months + 300 000 Browser Fingerprint - $ 799
• Constant License + 1,000,000 Browser Fingerprint - $ 1299
• Buy a Browser Fingerprint +10 000 - $ 10


A refund is possible in the case of the software not working as intended. Please use the contact form (telegram or email) to request such a refund. We reserve the right to cancel your subscription with a refund.


We are always ready to help with any question, if you want to contact us, please write to us in private messages on this forum, email or telegram

Official site -
Telegram -
Mail - [email protected]

We will be glad to have business with you!
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Important announcement !!!

Before buying, we always suggest that you take our scripts for a trial period, so that you are convinced that the work of the software satisfies your desires and needs !!!

We never write to anyone first with other telegram nicks asking them to buy our script at a discount. Do not be fooled by the tricks of scammers !!!

We do not respond to messages in Telegram to spammers and fake accounts !!!
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