Google’s War on Webmasters

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    Rae Hoffman

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    Google's War on Webmasters

    Session Description:
    Google has had a stranglehold on search share for over a decade. With no real alternative to obtain search traffic, webmasters find themselves in an ecosystem where they are both the beholden commodity and the enemy. As the currency of the Internet shifts to user share and the platform moves to mobile, Google is struggling to fend off Apple and Facebook to maintain their dominance of the web, and webmasters are caught in the crossfire.

    This session will look at how Google's search algorithm has developed over the years - where they started, where they've been, where they're going, and why. We'll look at Google's assault on "tactics," the culpability of webmasters for their current dependence, and why shifting strategies and mindset are the webmaster's only chances for survival.

    Who is Rae?
    Sixteen years ago Rae created a website about her son's medical condition that became on of the first international support groups on the topic and earned national media coverage that helped further medical research in the field.

    Investigating ways to support that site, she discovered affiliate marketing and went on to become one of the leading voices in both the affiliate landscape and organic search engine optimization. Rae Hoffman is the CEO of PushFire. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Rae has been helping businesses succeed in online marketing for well over a decade.

    A born and raised Jersey girl currently residing in Texas and self proclaimed White Collar Redneck, Rae is known widely in the online marketing community as Sugarrae. Through her blog, various speaking engagements and columns in various publications, she has developed a reputation for calling things as she sees them and never being afraid to speak her mind.
    More about Rae here.
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