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Googles settlement in the EU.

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by JustUs, Feb 15, 2014.

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    May 6, 2012
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    Sometimes you have those days where everything seems to be against you. This morning my ISP remotely reset my modem three times because I am using my local network for GScraper and Scrapebox scraping/checking which to packet inspection appears to be spamming from an infected computer. After the third reset withing an hour I called the ISP up and asked if they were done resetting my modem so that I could get on with my flucking work and told them that I was testing URL's not spamming.

    Once I got the scraper busy testing, I had to write and mail disclosures and a motion in an ongoing lawsuit. I just hate legal work, especially when it is a bogus lawsuit stemming from my identity being stolen. Bottom of the barrel legal debt collecting sharks like Gregory M. Constantino of West Jordan feel that it is their duty to extract money from any person that they set eyes on using fraudulent attempts at legal extortion. They greatly hate it when a person fights back. They hate it even more when you dig all the dirt up on them and use it to pursue a revocation of their bar license. They also hate it when you play every delaying tactic and game back on them that they are trying to play on you. While not used in many years, I knew that the paralegal certification I earned many years ago would come in handy for something. Did I mention that I hate law.

    The computer I work on has a problem with VMWare and I keep several SEO tools in a VMWare virtual machine so that I can bounce the software to differing machines and host operating systems as needed. That virtual machine crashed three times in a row after running for 10 - 15 minutes. Funny, the Virtual Box virtual machines never crash.

    In between crashes of the virtual machine I was cruising the web looking for privacy information. In that surfing I ran across an article that mentioned the Google commitments to settle the privacy violation and unfair competition lawsuits in the European Union. I kept following links and hunting and finally found the commitments that Google is willing to allow to settle the Eu. lawsuits. The commitment, though redacted in two places, can be found here. It is an informative read from pages 28 through 34 and shows the things that will be coming. This may extend to the United States as well.

    See, even when the fates seem to be against you, there is generally good news somewhere.
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