Google's Ranking algorithm is F***ed UP

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by davidquantum, Mar 9, 2009.

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    Last week, i built a shitty site with 3 pages only and two lines of text each and one anchor text pointing to a wikipedia webpage, This site is about mortgage rates and i pointed 4 backlinks to it from some PR1 forums, the next morning, i saw my pages ranked NUMBER 2, and NUMBER 5 .

    I refreshed my browser over and over again to make sure i was fully awake and this was not some search engine glitch. Checked word tracker to see how many searches there are for ''MORTGAGE RATES'' keyword. About 9000 daily searches. Next thing, i decided to monetize those pages with adsense since i'm pretty much finding it impossible to make affiliate sales during this recession. I must have done something right.

    My thoughts were: i will take my time to right some quality content and build more backlinks all in all avoid anything sneaky. Since i'm paranoid by nature, i checked again to make sure i'm not seeing things, guess what, it's just dissapeered and even de-indexed which begs the question, does anybody truly understand how BIG G's ranking algorithm truly works this days? I seem to have better luck through yahoo.
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    This happens quite frequently and has a pretty reasonable explanation. In many cases, recently indexed pages will receive a sort of "new content bump" that can last only a few hours, but occasionally as much as a few days. I imagine the "thought" behind this behavior involves testing link trajectory. If your content is so relevant that it gains a large number of inbound links during its tenure "at the top," then you'll increase your chances of ranking well quickly. If it doesn't, then back to the sandbox you go. This doesn't happen with all pages (for obvious reasons) but I have definitely seen this happen quite frequently over the past 18 months.
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    there is something going on on Google search servers...

    I ‘m trying to index a page in a week (that is my record time) and this weekend I have seen strange things on Google. For the same keyword on the same page I got different results every time I press the search button.

    I presume google is changing something on the index methods or changing someting on the propagation of information between google servers.. :(
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    Who knows maybe a new major pagerank drop is going to come again.
    As long as you don't put all your eggs in 1 place you are safe.
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