Google's Next Algorithm Update Coming. Info?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by envisionary, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Hey, I am sure we are all aware of the new "over optimization" type algo change that is coming.
    I looked around but could not find a thread mentioning this yet.

    I understand this change has to do with things like keyword stuffing, over using you internal links anchor text, over using alt text, H1's, etc.

    Anybody have any more info on what specifically will be changing?

    Do we need to shorten up our title tags too because of this change? Meaning if we have a title tag a little on the long side would we penalized for this?
    Typically on my innner pages I keep the titles pretty short, but on spome of my home pages I get as much in as possible without overdoing it and devaluing the title.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.
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    Honestly, I think this change is for complete fucking idiots that have the dumbest titles possible. I can't see this change being too big.
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    Wanna hear my predictions?

    This new update is all going to be about filling up as much of the first page as possible with Google products. So expect to see books, places, shops etc etc all squeezing the organic results off the page.

    They'll also be making increasing use out of rich text snippets / schema and the like, and I would imagine begin scraping statistical content to display in search (Google will call it improving the customer experience, others would call it stealing your conotent...).

    Basically the next couple of months are going to be all about news, inforgraphics and Google 2.0's.

    Then, amidst huge public outcry google will schizophrenically completely change the way they do search yet again...

    The 'over optimised SEO' thing is a misnomer, they aren't going too be hitting people for being active on social media sites, or for having tons of content and backlinks are still an integeral part of the algo. So all that really leaves is EMD's and we knew they were going to get a hit anyway.

    Oh and there's no reason to worry about being "Over optimised" if you're running your site on Wordpress, it peters out at about 75% :D
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    Google is hitting sites now with over-optimized anchor text in offsite links. De-optimize your anchor text and you should be find.

    Use naked urls and generic terms in over 50% of your links back to your site.