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Google's Matt Cutts Wants To Give Ranking Boost To SSL Sites

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SquirlyNutz, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. SquirlyNutz

    SquirlyNutz Power Member

    Feb 20, 2009
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    What do you guys think? good or bad ?


    At SMX West Matt Cutts gave the attendees a few tidbits, one of those items was that making your site secure, encrypted, i.e. SSL enabled, is an important trend for 2014.

    At the end of the session, I asked Matt if this means Google is looking to give sites that enable SSL a ranking boost. Matt Cutts shrugged his shoulders and explained that if it was his choice, he would make it so. But he said, it is far from happening and there are people at Google that do not want this to happen.

    On one hand, if Google announced they would give a ranking boost to SSL sites, it would encourage a ton of sites to go SSL, which would be a good thing.

    On the other hand, some older sites are hard to make SSL and they would feel at a disadvantage.
    There are other considerations, such as those that sell SSL certificates would love it and it can have an impact on Thawte, Verisign, GoDaddy and other SSL providers stock price. So Google needs to consider that as well.

    But as of now, despite Matt Cutts personally wanting to give a ranking boost to SSL enabled sites, it doesn't seem like it will happen for sure. Down the road, maybe, but from my impression, it is not that likely to happen in 2014.

  2. FBGuru

    FBGuru Senior Member

    Sep 22, 2013
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    The IPV4's are already running out and the cost of Dedicated IP's was increased to such a large extent in the last couple of years. Encouraging users to switch to SSL for a ranking boost will definitely have an impact among webmasters and hosting providers. Yet another reason to frown upon Google's monopoly.
  3. bartosimpsonio

    bartosimpsonio Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Mar 21, 2013
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    I think we need to get Matt Cutts off the driving wheel. He does not own the WWW and I'm sick of him preaching false quality BS that only drives profits for Google and screws 99% of webmasters.
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  4. Sharksfan

    Sharksfan Registered Member

    Jan 19, 2010
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    What exactly is the point of securing a site that has no financial or personal content?

    Take for example cooks.com - that's a massive site with very good ranking for many things (and I personally hate that site, but it's a good example).

    Why the hell should I care that my recipe for lasagna was delivered via HTTPS? There's literally no benefit to me. There's a very tiny marginal increase in processing needed, but - and most importantly - if you are a giant website like that there are about 15 zillion ways you can screw up the SSL certs and make your users bounce. With complex web server farms hidden behind load balancers, etc - it's FAR too easy to have an "oops" and make your users get security errors.
  5. umerjutt00

    umerjutt00 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 28, 2011
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