Googles Keyword Planner Sucks Donkey Balls

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    For as long as I've been using GKT and now GKP I've noticed that neither tool was accurate by any means. I've used the GKP to find and rank for tons of keywords and once I rank the traffic is rarely what I ever expect.

    Like I have keywords ranking #1 that have exact search volumes of 1,000 SM. And some of those keywords generate 3-5 times more traffic than other keywords I have #1 which are suppose to get like 6,000-10,000 ESM?

    I see this happen over and over and over. It seems like 10% of the time does a keyword perform as I actually expect. The other 90% seems like I'm playing roulette.

    Also, why is there such a MASSIVE discrepancy between broad searches and exact searches?

    I've never really understood how a keyword can have an average of 12,000 SM then you put the [ ] around it and it drops to 70.
    Or a keyword shows 5,000 SM you put the brackets and it shows no data at all.
    Then the keywords that show the SAME EXACT VOLUMES with and without the brackets.

    Like WHAT THE FUCK is google smoking?

    I still, till this day, have never understood the real difference between broad and exact searches.

    Apparently, broad is suppose to be the words of the keyword phrase in any order, along with "other words". Which is the most retarded bullshit I can think of. When I type a keyword in I don't want Google to randomly change the order and add random words without TELLING ME what different orders and words its actually using.

    Exact is the exact keyword which we all know.

    But when a keyword shows a lot of broad searches, and 0 exact searches, what I usually do is try to figure out what "other words" or what "different orders" Google is using to find all these extra searches. So I sit there rearranging keywords, adding new words, putting brackets around, and still can't figure out how the hell Google comes up with all these extra searches for broad match.

    If I have a keyword with 12,000 broad match searches, and 70 exact match searches, I honestly have no idea wtf to do anymore. In the past I'd say "the keyword is shit". But I've ranked for some keywords like this before, and some of them have turned out to be more profitable than the keywords that showed 3-5k exact searches a month.

    It makes NO SENSE!!!

    Its to the point where I'm going to start targeting random ass keywords and not even use the planner anymore. When a keyword with 70 ESM gets 3-5 times more traffic than keywords that are suppose to have 50xs the amount of traffic... it really makes you wonder ytf you even use GKP. Reliable, valid data is the most important part of research. And if Google can not provide reliable, valid data, then why the fuck use it at all?

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    Haha its so true I don't even bother with it half the time
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    Have you considered that your different #1 rankings get different CTR's because the title and meta description have varying appeal, depending on the intent behind the search phrase that is used?

    I do however agree with you - I have a #1 ranking that get's about 800-900 visitors a month for a search phrase that G shows as 70 exact AMS. It makes little to no sense at all!