Google using semantics?

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    Semantics is a concept that not many people know about and not many people fully understand, I am part of the later. I went for a job interview a couple of months ago an these guys made some artificial intelligence in Java. I tried to understand the concept as much as I could but it seems my brain isn't capable. However, this is what I gathered from what they said and what I read. A semantics search or query is based on a meaning rather than a work or a set of words. So, the 'cloud' as they called it was constantly learning so when you put in a whole heap of words and phrases the AI could learn about you and return a result that matched what it had learnt about the meaning of the words and not the words themselves.

    So, I read that in 2008 google started to work on this concept but they haven't done much about it but with the release of Siri they have become more active with semantics. What do you think about the concept and how do you think that targeting meanings instead of keywords in SEO practices could effect SEO?

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    Sort of makes sense.
    I would guess the concept would be based around the grouping of words rather than just words themselves.