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    I'm going to start a little thread on google trends. I started to reply to the following thread, but decided instead to reference it and start a new post so it does not lost in the middle of the thread. First read this thread and then come back.


    I'm a newbie according to the counter, but that is not all that accurate. I normally don't talk about Google Trends at all in public as I'm a little greedy, but I'm going to change that a little now. I could wirte this in an eBook and sell it like crazy on the WF or DP, but you guys would just steal it anyway and post it here for download anyway, so I'll just save everyone the trouble :D

    Now this post is probably going to get a little long and I'm going to build it up over the next few days a I build a sort of new blog up with purely google trends. I'm going to share my methods with everyone here who may be struggling with Google Trends and making it work correctly. If done correctly Google trends can have a blog earning a $100 bucks a day in a few months, but its work you can't shortcut your way to captilizing on this.

    Now let me clariy that statement, some people will disagree and say you cna automate it and earn money, this is true, but ifyou want to really build up traffic and keep it long term, then you have to work. But the cool thing is the work will pay off.

    Okay here is my steps and its worked everytime I've brought a new blog online for Google trends and started driving traffic to it.

    Step 1 -- you need a self hosted wordpress install and you need to be on at least 2.5 or later.

    Step 2. You need a generic domain name. One that will work for pretty much anything. .coms are best, but I'e been able to use .orgs and .nets with success. It really helps if the domain has a little age on it, but this is true of any domain name. What I always do is buy domains and let them age naturally. I will buy the domain set it up on an Wordpress install and leave it alone with maybe one or two posts. Then after Wordpress is 3 or 4 versions out of date, I upgrade and start a Google Trend blog. This is exactly what I'm going to do here, except the domain I'm going to use is a little over a year old. Here are the stats from AwStats.

    Jan 2008 14 21 44 44 102.90 KB
    Feb 2008 12 14 36 36 75.19 KB
    Mar 2008 11 14 46 46 106.70 KB
    Apr 2008 17 21 53 53 141.48 KB
    May 2008 16 17 56 66 213.76 KB
    Jun 2008 13 16 55 76 270.66 KB
    Jul 2008 15 19 52 69 305.75 KB
    Aug 2008 14 15 56 61 186.90 KB
    Sep 2008 13 13 36 41 120.37 KB
    Oct 2008 21 22 82 87 234.81 KB
    Nov 2008 24 26 83 145 565.92 KB
    Dec 2008 0 0 0 0 0
    Total 170 198 599 724 2.27 MB

    So you can see there is really nothing to this blog. The spiders come by every now and then but there is only two visits from MSN, no othersearch engine traffic.

    Step 3. You need a decent theme. I like the Revolution Themes as they seem to work well for me. I bought the developer pack of Revolution One before they went open source so those are what I use. I'm sure the Free versions available now should work fine too and one of those is the theme I'm going to use. Spend a little time creating a decent header graphic and make the blog look a little professional.

    Step 4 -- Setup your blog for SEO there is a lot of information on this so I won't cover it. You need a related posts plugin( does not matter which one) I use related posts. And you need the Google sitemap plugin.

    Step 5 -- Post 4 or 5 blog posts on the blog, but do not have any ping servives turned on while you do this. All these posts need to be unique and on a topic in Google trends. Spread them out over a couple of days. Don't put any moneization on the site at this point. It won't do you any good anyway as there is no traffic( This is important).

    Step 6 -- Now you are ready. Monetize your site, Adsense works best. I perfer a theme with a right side bar with two Large Rectangle units on the right side. Put a subscribe box of RSS feed icon in the top right and then your Adsense units right below it with a seperator in between them. Also put a Adsense unit above or below your post. Below actually works better for me. You want it in between your tags and your Related Posts plugin.

    Step 7 - Download Live Writer and set it up to post to your blog. You could probably use any editor or even Wordpress, but I find Live Writer helps my efficiency. Get a good ping list and install it in the blog and in Liver Writer.

    Step 8- Start Posting. Dont' worry about your stats right away. As a poster in the other thread said pick your topics based on ones you know there are Adsense ads for and that the Ads pay fairly decent. You can get a lot of traffic posting about Britney's latest problem, but it won't convert well and what will convert will pay crap.

    Okay no more steps. Now its just maintenance. I don't worry about whether a trend is coming up or coming down, just whether it might pay me a little. I also don't post more than 5 times a day to any one blog and I spread it out over the day. Posts don't have to be long, infact sometimes shorter posts do better ones less than 100 words. You need to write to the long tail as well as your targeted keyword. Then just sprinkle the keyword throughout just as you would any article you wanted to rank for. You have to wrte these articles. Don't copy and paste or you are wasting your time. PLR does not work even if its rewritten so just write them.

    Insert Technorti Tags and your Wordpress tags. Get these tags from the related search terms in Trends. And also post the same tags in the Wordpress Tag section.

    Once you make a blog post, wait a few minutes and go post it to Digg, Reddit, Stumble or Propeller. You don't need to do them all. Each one works better for different topics so just play around with this unitl you get the feel for what makes the bot visit the fastest. Yuo don't care about the social traffic although sometimes it comes too, you want the bot visit.

    Now it may take a few daysof posting before the bot starts to rank you, but just keep plugging away. You may only get ranked in the blog search, but that is okay too and will bring in the traffic. You won't see much revenue until you get up to a few hundred uniques a day so don't worry about it at first, it will come. If its not look at your SEO skills with writing as your are missing a key element in your style.

    Now on to the next phase. I'm going to take the domain name I showed stats for above and start this method again. right now I'm at Step 3 with this project. I'm going to set up the theme and do my SEO customizations and make some posts to start it off. I'll report back on my progress over the next couple of weeks. There is one other angle to add to this, but you don't need it at the moment, so I'll save it for one of the later posts.

    Just in case you think I'm full of crap.Here is the stats on a blog of mine that is a little over 7 months old using only Google Trends( and that one other angle I haven't mentioned yet).

    May 2008 4854 5990 9536 46367
    Jun 2008 26329 33728 81638 324828
    Jul 2008 25533 33082 90095 589189
    Aug 2008 25022 31153 70152 508176
    Sep 2008 23958 30493 78217 515408
    Oct 2008 47103 56562 136374 1022758
    Nov 2008 24253 29486 78343 499915

    Third columm is page views, its important and where the money is at.

    More to come. Thanks are appreciated.

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    Nice post, thanks and rep given. How do you feel about wordpress MU?
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    Nice to see a "how I did this" post with stats. Lots of folks have been using google trends to generate revenue. Nice work.
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    dynamicvb -

    Sweet! This is just the kind of thing I'm looking for, instructions showing how to use the tools that we have access to. Keep the info coming!

    (If I had 50 posts, I'd give you a +rep! Hopefully, by your next post I will be there.) :)
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    Where at in nor cal are you? That's where I'm from also
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    Great stuff there Bruce. Always good to see detailed how-tos in this community. Looking forward to your 'other angle' and further updates. Thanks given.
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    Great stuff Bruce. I'll report back later.