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    Hey everyone,
    I?m not sure how many of you get involved daily with other languages, but to give an example: I get involved A LOT with other languages. Living in a country where the main language is Dutch, and doing SEO for websites in other languages as well. It?s very handy to have a bot with whom u can chat with and it translates instantly for you.

    Well you can add these bots on your GoogleTalk and chat with them and they?ll translate instantly!

    Here you have them:
    From French to English: [email protected]
    From English to French: [email protected]

    From Spanish to English: [email protected]
    From English to Spanish: [email protected]

    From Dutch to English: [email protected]
    From English to Dutch: [email protected]

    From Dutch to English and English to Dutch doesn?t yet work so good. But you can add them (for those who need it).

    Well, that?s it. I hope this will help someone here, it helps me :D
    And if its old news for you, just ignored it. Thanks. :)
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