google traffic dropped down to adult tube site

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    Feb 4, 2013
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    A month ago i started a porn tube site, it is not with original content most of the videos are not uploaded on it, are grabbed from other sites and embed on my site, it is a auto task from the script.
    Everything was fine, i started to get visitors in the first days from google search about 80 - 100uv day i had good position on google search for some keywords even i did not made any seo for the site, pages were indexed fast, and now in the past 3 days the traffic from search dropped to 5 - 6 uv / day i searched on some keywords that on webmaster tools i had good position and im not in the results anymore or if i am, im on page 100+ in WT i started to get not found links from tags that are refreshed once a day on my site and deleted videos.

    This drop in traffic is maybe from that not found errors or? Somebody experienced this problem too?
    Or maybe google realized that my site is very new and recalculated my serps?