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    Hey, I have another question. Recently I bought google traffic from one company and I am getting it. But I made a research and find out that it isn't real human traffic. It somehow generates google redirection url that google analytics show visitor that came from google but it is bot.

    So I tryed to change keyword for url, and succeed. Analytics show result that I expected. But when I try to change url, it show unauthorized redirection. So how to solve this problem?

    This is original url, with which I get traffic:
    As you can see there is two fields, URL and KEYWORD

    But problem is in authorizion of url.

    I know where to get this authorization code: AFQjCNGGJeJ2CQZrrOz23CyfwNqTg1nlOg&sig2

    but I don't know where to get this: psyfTILACIjmvQPboMCXDQ&usg and this: hvVKZSNnieSzxx21wB-3HA&cad=rja

    Or is there simplier way?

    Main first url works in this way: IF you click that url it automatically redirects to your site and in analytics shows visitor from google that clicked that keyword.

    I am willing that you understand what I wanted to say :)