Google stop indexing my site, plz help

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    Hi ,

    I have a problem with a database, it take more than 30s to load a page,

    database descriptions:

    engine: MyISM
    size: 1.26GB
    tables: 2 tables
    1st table: 42 fields , about 600MB
    2nd table: 3 fields, , about 600MB

    rows: 226.521 rows

    My VPS :

    4096 MB RAM
    2 CPU (4GHz)

    the page was loading normal when the database has < 150000 rows.

    it is better to create multiple tables or just one table for a huge database?

    Please help me to perform this database, and give me advices how to perform huge database

    Thank you[​IMG]
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    There are a couple commands you can use to check the tables and optimize them: myisamchk and mysqlchk.

    It's also possible the table needs indexes built for some queries. There is a good chance you can find a log file called long_queries.log that will give you details of the queries taking too long to return. Then, build indexes on the filtered columns. That could speed up searching significantly.

    226k row tables should perform much better.