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    I run an appliance repair business based in the UK.
    I recently sbmitted my companys details to a number of directory website.
    After a couple of weeks I noticed that a search on google for 'cooker repairs Lowton' my business was no longer showing up as a maps pinpoint in the search results, it used to be the top 'A' pinpoint.
    When I checked the Google+ page the address was showing up as:
    GT Cooker Repairs Ltd
    Cheshire, Connecticut, United States.

    The google local business details have the correct UK address and the map data shows my location in the UK.
    I have used the 'report a problem' feature but have had no response back from Google.
    Does anyone have any ideas why this problem could be happening and more importantly how to correct it?
    Any help gratefully received.
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    The reasons why Google+ may be showing the wrong email address may be:

    - the wrong address is assigned to your site on some high page rank directory site with a Maps API display;
    - one of the many Yellow Page resources that Google uses as a secondary, confirming source for address information may have the wrong data.

    You may check these sources and check your address there as well.

    It that doesn't work, you need to report this problem again and wait for response.
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    go to Google places again and change your address which shows wrong in Google search
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    I think google cached your old address in so many places.Changing some thing in Google's world needs a bit time.You may try google place once again and wait .Last resort writing to google again and again.