Google serps bouncing around...


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Feb 21, 2015
Anyone else seeing weird bounces in ranks the past few days?

For example one of my keywords bounced around position 10 to 7 and 13, etc. Another went from 10 to 7 then 13 and 11 within 2 days.

It seems more than usual for me. Curious if this is Google doing some testing or if it's more of my site being evaluated by the algorithms?

Also this doesn't effect my strategy but I'm curious if anyone else has been seeing this.

Yes, past few days seeing my kws dancing

KW1 (Highly competitive) g00gle global (.com) 12 to 86 then 8 not its on 93
same kw in local search google (.co.xx) 6 to 5 then 9 now just checked 7
I have 25 words in top 10 and almost all of them have gone up 1-3 spots. HOpe it sticks.
It a new google update just hold on and prey
i saw it too...
one of my keyword jump to 2nd place and back to 6th... i saw it 2 time so far... its jump for hour and back
I heard google google developing brain.

Some network servers have thoughts like the human brain.

This technology is found by a little boy who follows science contest
i have organic keyword i get from webmaster in rank 4 until 5 month, and now he is gone drop not in 100, what do you respon all
What's weird for me is no real changes in ranking except for Youtube videos, they seem to have all moved up in the SERPs.
Seeing the same on the UK typical Amazon affiliate SERPs I monitor. Anything under position 2/3, especially page 2 moving a lot. Some new sites have appeared at top of page 2 and stuck, others appeared last week and now on page three.

Will try to get some charts off Serpwoo later today to show.
I lost one of my pages... It was one which bounced from 10 to 0 to 10 for months and months. Seems absolutely random... Can't be Penguin because I have a link from the biggest authority in my niche to that page (natural, not paid)... It seems to just be random which pages get blitzed because the KW density is the same as all my other pages which aren't having any issues.
Hasve some sites bouncing around, my Dutch sites are all stable though
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