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    Hey guys...

    Could someone help me with this...I am kinda foggy comprehending this relationship...

    Lets says I am using a article directory to write articles with the keywords I want to target in the articles title....

    I am trying to determine competition of each keyword...

    Lets say I have the keyword "eczema home remedy" and this keyword has a whopping 264,000 broad match search results but only 264 allintitle search results...

    If I write an article on EZA with the title "Cure Eczema-Home Remedy every person should know!"

    What is the likelihood that with a few backlinks to my EZA that I could rank the front page of this keyword when someone broad match searches Eczema Home Remedy?

    The thing that is confusing to me is if you have a keyword with alot of results for broad match but few pages actually targeting that phrase in the title (allintitle results) does this mean a page that does target this keyword in its title will be able to rank well in the broad match results? (assuming someone searches the exact KW in google without quotes)

    Any help explaining this relationship would be appreciated...

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    its surprising reading this question comparing to your join date to this forum. you should have learned something about SEO . Anyway im trying to give a short description to your question.
    What i always try to focus when building a site is the keyword competitiveness.
    As you sad its very important to study the exact and broad matches about a keyword.
    Personally i always focus on exact match. This works perfectly for new domains .
    You have to put the keyword also in index page title (very important) and also in the main <H1> tag . My sites get indexed within one week following this procedure.
    Regarding the broad match, it takes some time to get results from this. In my experience it works only for old domains.