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    Stop using these for anything!
    Makes me pull my hair out every time I see someone post about Google results, and more often than not, somewhat bragging about it like it's a badge of honor.

    Google results are useless, it doesn't mean you ranked for a competitive word. It doesn't mean you are rich. For the love of god stop using it.

    "rich cat boy" has 108,000,000 results, and I promise you it won't be hard to rank for it, EMDs are even available!

    At the very least, use allintitle: keyword. That will atleast show you what pages have your keyword in the title, which means they are atleast targeting the keyword.

    High # of allintitle + high CPC = more than likely very competitive
    High # of allintitle + low CPC = might be okay
    Low # of allintitle = Less competitive

    But in the end, you should study the top 10 results to see who's ranking.
    Avoid sites like amazon, wiki, etc, and look for websites trying to rank for those keywords. Then check the backlinks, and even check them out at This will give you an idea of how strong the site is, and how many powerful links they have.

    Just for the love of god, stop using 'results' as any kind of indicator.
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