Google put me in the doghouse (Sandbox) but something is weird


Jul 25, 2010
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So I started a website about month and a half ago. It is business/finance/marketing/advertising related.

Because I own a fairly large sized forum, I decided to throw a link in the footer. Now, this instantly gives me 500,000+ back-links. I also went ahead and manually got maybe 50 or so back-links from other site.

What is weird is that although the index page is sandboxed, I have a few articles that are competing with top sites such as money.cnn, wikipedia, forbes, etc.

This has me confused as to why only the index page is not showing up for keywords, although Google Webmaster Tools puts it on first page at a lot of really high traffic keywords.

I am hoping this is just a temporary thing, especially if my individual pages are ranking just fine but the index page is not found in SERPs. It is visible when I query it using the words in the domain name and even through site:, link: operators.

What do you guys think? Is Google giving me hard time because of a massive influx of incoming links from my own sites? I am sure they can see that both sites are hosted on the same server IP.


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Mar 23, 2010
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Ok when you do site:yourdomain serach and if its showing pages from your website then yout website is NOT sandboxed. Its just the google dance.So chill don worry..