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    As I was searching for something just now I found this poem. I think it is really funny and true at the same time.

    Google on Your Shoe
    by Ron Castle

    I am a website marketer; my friends all think I'm cool.
    I sell stuff on the Internet, where my web rankings rule.
    One day in May they dropped from sight, were no place to be found.
    Google took my website ranks and sent them underground.

    If you smell something funny when you?re on the Internet,
    You think it's body odor, loss of rankings make you sweat,
    But it really smells much worse than that, it's worse than doggie poo,
    You weren't watching where you step; it's Google on your shoe.

    First week of May two thousand six, there was a Google crash.
    Their content filter went bizarre, bad websites made a dash
    Right into the index where they'd never been before.
    Good content that they should be crawling totally ignored.

    Google says they do no harm, but didn't say a word
    That anything was wrong or that this even had occurred.
    Of course it's good for AdWords, but they say they never do
    Anything organic that would make you need them, true?

    The moral to this story is that Google's not your friend.
    Friends will tell you when they're wrong, be truthful to the end.
    They will not betray your trust and will not make you blue.
    Which is why you should be careful, don't get Google on your shoe.

    So, if you smell something funny when you're on the Internet,
    You know your SEO is good, you've nothing to regret,
    And all your pretty pages simply disappear from view,
    It wasn't anything you did; it's Google on your shoe.​