Google penalized my wordpress multi site very hard,any ideas?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by penguin, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,
    So i removed analytics and that's when the traffic from search engine started to increase big.
    It kept increasing for the last 40 days and by last monday it hit 570 unique visits per day. More than 80% of traffic was coming from search engine. On Tuesday all of my sub domain (~110 sub domain blogs) in multi site are removed from first 50 (or may be even first 100) page of google results which were ranking at the first page.

    Now the search engine traffic is ZERO, but when i use the site operator to check if my blogs are removed from google index it shows all the indexed pages (>2000 pages).

    What way I need to proceed ? Keep adding articles or keep doing the link building ?

    Now i also removed google adsense because i doubt google may calculating bounce rate on sites using google adsense also !
    who knows, so to stop all clues going to google i removed adsense too using getclicky for analytics.

    Any valuable suggestions are more welcome.

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    Multi site blogs can be very fickle creatures, I have a whole network of em just for linking purposes that have no analytics, no adsense, no monetisation at all and they still fluctuate a lot, although for this kind of link farming and ranking is just a bonus.

    For most of mine I go buy a links/seo pack of someone and send half of them to the main blog and then split the rest among the subdomains. Also there is a plugin you can put in the sidebar which is like recent posts but it is for sitewide not just the host blog, this helps

    Can't remember what it called (prob sitewide recent posts) but if you do a search for wpmu in downloads you should find it