google page 1 for 2 '2 word keywords' both 60k+ searches $5k+ rev


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Aug 22, 2009
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im wanting to sell a website which is on number 4 page 1 on for a 2 word keyword with 15,500,000 results and 65000 global searches , number 2 on bing with 21,100,000 results and number 3 on and bing for another 2 word keyword with 60000+ searches the website is in a movie niche with most search results showing adult websites.

HG cpanel shows traffic for aug 2010 as

unique 1981
total 4091
(2.06 visits/visitor) 19858
(4.85 Pages/Visit) 122509
(29.94 Hits/Visit) 1.83 GB
(467.85 KB/Visit)

and increasing

i was monetizing the website using AAN content locker, since AAN was in beta stages ,in the past month and a half there were no decent offers to promote, hence i stopped using AAN and moved to cpa-l3@d, but due to content restriction i had to remove adult content.

i have stopped monetizing it right now and am sending pop up traffic to another domain.

attached below are two screenshots from my aan dashboard. ( click statistics are not available before 06-05-2010 but u can see the total revenue generated )

the domain is 2 yrs old... and pr 1 . i can keep it with me, since i can monetize it well, but iv got a bigger better project, so i wont be able to put alot of time in this, hence not using the website to its full potential.

if somone could suggest something or is interested in more details u can pm me.
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