google over optimization penalty question?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darrensss, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Just been asked this question by a friend ....

    The google over optimization penalty? what is it?

    Is it a penalty that drops your site 10+ pages for a time period? kind like the spammy links style penalty?
    Meaning no matter what you do to try and fix the problem you will always have the penalty until google decide when to remove it?


    Is it a ranking factor? when we seo our sites we try and use <h1>, <h2>, text, images, alt tags, videos etc ... if we miss some of these elements then our sites rank less. Do we think this is the same for 'over optimization' it will just reduce down our serps?
    Meaning if we change our sites and reduce/fix the problem the site will naturally start to rerank

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    My blog has everything you are talking about here. It still dropped from number 2 to 7. Majority of my articles disappeared in the SERP. I fixed them thinking they probably had problems. But it hasn't worked. I am also noticing that the changes I made are not visible in the search results. There is something really weird happening right now. GWT shows that crawler came to my page 9 hours ago...and still!
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    Over optimization has to do with when articles are stuffed with keywords in order to gain good search engine ranking. Google see that as a way to manipulate the internet to your favor, and therefore excludes such web pages from the search results when people search for any of the keywords with which your page is stuffed. In most cases, this is not s dropping "for a time period", but a permanent drop. However, that does not affect other pages on the same website which are not stuffed.

    To identify the keywords concerned (if you dont know them), you could analyze the different website urls in google keyword tool.