Google Ordered To "Name Names" in Blogger Lawsuit

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    Judge Orders Google to Identify 'Skanks' Blogger.

    Remember back in January when model Liskula Cohen was the target
    of a blog called 'Skanks in NYC?' The Google Blogger-hosted site
    featured embarrassing, personal photos of Cohen, and the
    anonymous author said of her: "I would have to say that first
    place award for 'Skankiest in NYC' would have to go to Liskula
    Gentile Cohen."

    The site was quickly taken down when Cohen decided to try and take legal action,
    but Google refused to hand over the blogger's identity, unless ordered to do so by a court.

    Well, Miss Cohen has succeeded. According to the Telegraph, the
    Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Joan Madden ordered Google on
    Monday to hand over the blogger's e-mail and IP addresses.

    Google gave the information to Cohen's lawyers, who plan to sue
    the blogger for defamation.

    In court, Anne Salisbury, the lawyer representing the blogger,
    accused Cohen of simply trying to attract publicity, not repair
    her reputation, since the blog was not widely known until she
    attempted legal action.

    Cohen told 'Good Morning America' today that she knew the
    blogger. Cohen said, "Thank God it was her... she's an
    irrelevant person in my life. She's just somebody that, whenever
    I would go out to a restaurant, to a party in New York City ...
    she was just that girl that was always there."

    This is a case that many, especially privacy experts, will be
    watching closely, now that Google has been ordered to divulge
    the identity of a customer. If simply calling Cohen a "skank"
    online is ruled to be defamation, it may open the door for more
    litigation against the hordes on Facebook, Twitter, and the like
    who loudly hurl insults at celebrities and one another.

    In fact, if simply calling someone a name on the Internet is grounds for
    legal action, some of the commenters on this site are guilty of
    defamation. But don't worry, we won't be taking legal action
    against you, no matter how many times you call us stupid,
    ignorant, or things that we can't repeat.

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