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Google News Bloggers Wanted... Adsense Revenue Share JV

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by withatwist, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. withatwist

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    Nov 15, 2012
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    First, I must apologize if this is on wrong board. I tried posting in JV section and couldn't even though my account meets all of the minimum requirements to do so. Mods, if this is not the place for my post, please move it to correct place instead of deleting it. Thanks!

    Now onto the details...

    I basically run an extremely high quality Google News website that used to get a lot of traffic until Google updates killed off a lot of it.

    What I'm looking for is some Bloggers familiar with writing for these kind of sites... Familiar with trends and hot topics since these kind of articles are the lifeline (financially) for Google News websites powered by Adsense Revenue such as ours.

    I also compiled a list of feeds with Google Reader of several sites similar to ours where you could grab stories and recycle.

    I'm also looking for anyone with any Twitter parody accounts with 100k+ followers to partner up with me and my blog and promote posts for me instead of writing posts.

    I'm willing to share ADSENSE revenue 60/40, starting out and am willing to go up to 70/30 based on performance, and I will email you Analytics/Adsense reports that detail how much each link (your article) would've made with Adsense.

    These reports will come directly from Google so there's no way for me to manipulate the earnings or stats.

    For those familiar or unfamiliar with Google Analytics, there's a tab in the menu where you can track how much each page on your site is earning with Adsense and that's where the reports will come from.

    For those of you applying just to bring traffic in to site and don't plan on writing, you will be given a special code to affix at end of our urls for tracking purposes.

    For example,


    Will display the same content as


    But it will show up as 2 different urls and keeps things separate and makes it easier to track who's sending traffic, you or Google.

    If this sounds interesting, and for anyone interested, PM me your Twitter account(s) or methods of sending traffic. If you're a writer share with me some writing samples, and I'll share with you my website which is a high quality blog brand and I guarantee it is not some type of Splog.

    If you have the ability to get 1,000's of clicks per day, this could translate into 100's of extra dollars easily.

    I'm only going to accept 10 slots at first to keep this wing of my operation small.

    I'll post other answers to some of the questions as I receive them.

    Thanks for your time.