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Oct 29, 2018
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I sell domains / websites approved by Google News (old edition / old partnerdash). I sell only old edition Google News domains. My domains are ranking and appearing in the Google News tab (news section). Most of my domains have good DA. Some of them have an age. These domains are instantly indexed.

These domains were added in Google News (the partnerdash) before the update in December 2019. And now, the partnerdash no longer exists.


English, Japanese domains are from about $1500 to $20000.
French, German, Korean, Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, Vietnamese domains are from $900 to $10000.
Dutch, Hebrew domains are from $700 to $5000.
Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, Romanian, Portuguese domains are from $500 to $5000.
Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Thai, Indonesian domains are from $350 to $5000.

Prices depend on metrics (DA, DR, etc.), domain age, domain name, extension, etc. But most prices are close to the lower limit.

Email: (at) gmail (com)

— How should I check that the website has been added in the old Partnerdash?
The only way to check this – to see the website appears in the Google News tab (section) by the website name – If you check with 'site:' it is unreliable because this operator shows both new websites added a few weeks ago to the publisher center and old websites added to the old Partnerdash many years ago.

— Are these domains dropped?
It depends on the domain. Some of my domains are old (2-10 years).

— How fast are these domains indexed?
Usually, GNews domains are indexed within 1-10 minutes.

— How do I restore the appearance of news in the Google News tab?
  1. You need to configure the sitemap plugin in Google News on your website
  2. Customize it. Specify the categories of the website that will be included in it and enter the title of the publication (check that the title is correct, I will provide it)
  3. To speed up the indexation, you can add the sitemap-news.xml file to Google Search Console

Or you can use the dump of the website I provide you, it is already done there.

Keep in mind, that a website with and without www is different websites and you cannot influence that, you should only use the website as it was added. In this case, you can safely move to https, this will not interfere with the appearance in Google News.

— Where can I set up sections to appear on Google News?
After setting up sitemap-news.xml, there is no need to set up any sections, Google will define them on its own and will index the content.

— Can I add a website to the new publisher center?
I have not tested that, it is possible that the website will stop showing in the Google News tab.

— Can you add my website to the old Partnerdash?
No, nobody can do it.

— Will there be news appearing in the Google News tab in a different language?
No, if the website was originally added in Spanish or French, then only news in that language will be showing. News in English added to the website in Turkish will not appear.

— Can you provide the email with which the website was added in Google News?
There are no email addresses that Google would link your website to. In the old Partnerdash, you saw a website that was added to Google Search Console. You deleted the website from GSC and it was removed from Partnerdash, there was no binding, the website could be at the same time in dozens of different GSC and Partnerdash, it did not matter from which account the request to add to the old Partnerdash was sent.

— Why can't I see the latest news in the News tab (section)?
I do not add news regularly. Google can remove old news from the News tab. Because of this, you may not see the latest news. But if you want to check the indexing of any of those websites that I send you, you can just tell me and I do this. In any case, I do not sell domains without proof.

— How does the deal carry out?
The transaction will be made on,, Payoneer, Wire transfer or using Crypto Coins and this depends on the time of the deal. I am working on expanding the possible payment methods. Over time, some types of payment may not be available.
You should consider that any fees will be split between us. you pay for the domain on; this service receive and approve your payment; I push the domain to your account. Also, I may write the auth code inside and you'll receive it inside your Transfer Center on

Other payment options:
You pay for a domain(-s), after I receive your payment, I will push the domain or send you an auth code (EPP).

— May I return the domain?
No. Before selling, I check the indexing of the domain using your article or mine. And after the sale, I can't be sure how you used the domain and what you added on it. Therefore, you must make the decision to buy a domain before making a payment.

— What do I get after the payment?
After the payment, you will receive the domain and a website backup or its details (login/pass) to transfer the website. You will have about 5 days to transfer the website to your hosting/server.

— Can a website stop ranking in the Google News tab?
Yes, a website may stop ranking if you flagrantly violate the Google News Publisher Guidelines or post low quality content, illegal content, casino links, adult content, or any other illegal content. However, in our practice, this happens extremely rarely and due to serious gross violations of the Google News rules.
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Hey I would be very interested in Your list of French/German Sites. Please PM.
Awesome, Send me Full Sheet list. We are a hungry agency for such deals. We can buy in bulk. but only brandable with good authority. We have lots of client for such domains.
Kindly send me the list of available English domains.
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