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I've Order him on skype & everything goes very well! I will be placing larger order with him very soon.
Recommended guy, thanks man!
If you’re looking to hire someone to verify your Gmb listing and provide you with guarantees within 30 days of turnover, then by all means- take your money with you and do not engage with jellybaen.

Jellybaen was contracted in april to deliver multiple gmb listings and has failed to deliver on these listings. As soon as payment was made, his customer service dropped. And any type of follow up is either met with silence for several days, requests to resend the business info to him, and a new promise that he will deliver in 48 hours, or in a week. But guess what? Nothing has happened as of this writing. What floors me even more is that while he’s supposed to be fixing his deliverables for my business, he’s out here trying to close more clients for verified gmb listings which surely he doesnt intend on to fulfill.

Please learn from us and avoid this scammer by all means. If you have a small or large budget, you are better off at using it with another service provider.
This is a scam. I ordered a GMB and paid $300 about 5 months ago.
Didn't get any GMB and this man told me to wait for about 5 months that it is on the way.
Asked for a refund since I didn't get anything and now he is ignoring my Telegram message.
I do have all the proof.
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