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The seller can provide, just tread with caution as he chose to ignore my instructions, he's extremely rude and doesn't understand the impact of the GBP location on Ranking, refuses to issue refunds , or create a different listing after over 2 months.

Used this service, for a real office with an actual address in Los Angeles that offers mobile services, that just had trouble verifying due the employees having trouble with the postcard

Provided the seller with all the relevant details:

A real address in Los angels




And asked the seller to hide the address when creating the listing as the company only offers At home services, so they don't want the location to show up on maps , and have people come over.


After about 2 weeks, the seller managed to creaHete a listing , but instead of using the Address I gave him, he chose to create the listing in Canada.

he also created the listing under a different name than what I gave him.

When I asked the seller why he did not use the address i gave him, he explained that I asked him to hide the address, so he just thought he could use any address as that won't matter.

Anyone who knows the first thing about local SEO, understands the biggest factor for ranking is the business location, as the listing only ranks in about a 30 KM radius from where it's opened. it can't rank in other places , let alone another country.

When explained the issue to the seller , and requested a refund / a new listing, seller rejected saying "you say hide address, so it's not possible"


Seller has the ability to get the job done.


Communication is not easy , when asking the seller questions, he answers impatiently

Didn't follow the instructions provided, and acted like it's not a big deal.
Who are you? I have never talk to you...why you taking down my reputation here ??

Still no adequate communication. The order is outstanding for one month. Not recommended.

Not open for further replies.
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