Google Knowlege Graph will Collapse the Keyword Spectrum

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by mightyship, May 26, 2012.

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    I predict that Google Knowledge Graph will change how you write websites and collapse the keyword spectrum. That list of 500 to 1000 keywords you've got for any given website is about to get shorter, probably by a factor of 10. Why? Knowledge Graph is an expert system and Google is moving on the concept of the net becoming a semantic web. Knowledge Graph knows the words ?attorney?, ?lawyer? and ?law firm? all have similar and interchangeable meanings. They describe one object. So variations of these words help you less and less as Google ramps up Knowledge Graph. Instead your website will be graded on clear high quality writing and spammy sounding phrases will get you marked down.

    I predict Knowledge Graph will follow the same pattern as Google Places did, which started as a minor change to Googles right side nav items, then it became a huge influence in the search results. Knowledge Graph is likely to follow the same pattern and to even completely change the look of many websites in the process. How will it change the look of websites? You will be encouraged to going to stop writing variations of keywords in your content! Instead the focus will be on writing content that is as high quality as possible. I think this is a big move by Google to push everyone into being a little more White Hat in their web practices and to make everyone pay Google more with ppc.
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    Good analysis. Excited to see what's going to happen.