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Google keyword tool inacurate information ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by DiooDi, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. DiooDi

    DiooDi Junior Member

    Mar 25, 2009
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    Hello my BHW friends.
    Today I've asked to make a new project to a customer and as usual I open google keyword tool to check first wich keywords related to my customer ecommerce site are worth ranking since many people wich buy SEO services here in my country doesnt know a damm thing about SEO and asks me for ridiculous keywords I started to make the keyword research for free because I like to keep long term customers ok enough with the talking and heres the deal
    Its been like 1 or 2 months wich I dont go check anything at google keyword tool and today I went to check some keywords for a online shop wich I consider being a micro niche yet (the previous project was to the same customer but another website in a total micro niche wich only gets spikes of search during some seasons of the year something like 1k-2k searches month and near 800 searches during normal months)
    But after spending a couple hours researching I've got some keywords wich are not laser target to the customer products something like this example(its not the real keywords lol):
    customer sells keychains with funny quotes like "chuck norris..."/movies/anime/games/emote icons/memes style
    and the only keyword wich gives me a decent number of searches are "customade keychain" and still its quite a few since the customer niche its way more micro than customade since its not in every theme they sell keychain but I do know that people buy this a lot since I used to work with them in the store maybe I'm not finding the proper keyword ? or google are not retrieving the right number of searches ? or just people do look at this but not exactly at google search field ? So the reason wich google shows me so low numbers of searches...
    really dunno maybe are the college tests and exams season that makes people use much less the internet in my country lol since the buyers usually are at the age of 10-25 years old LOL this is really driving me crazy at the moment
    I Could just have asked if someone are noticing a weird information in google keyword tool related to number o exact match searches but I really wanted to give this brief story