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Google is rejecting my payments for Developer Console

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by nexusrain, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. nexusrain

    nexusrain Newbie

    Aug 20, 2014
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    Hi there,

    I got a pretty big problem: I can't setup any new Developer Console for Google Play. I already had 2, but the first one got suspended because a good friend published something Google obviously didnt like - suspended because of Copyright Violation. For luck, I bought a new one before this happened - this one is still alive and working fine. But this one is my "clean" account and I got some apps which will bring some nice money (I know that because they already were in my previous account...) - but Google doesnt like them. So: I need another console. But that sounds quite more simple than it is. I already tried around 10 times now, with 3 different VCCs, every time new Google account of course, other IPs, using VPN, using VNC to one of my vps running a desktop environment. Its every time the same ..i.:

    I pay, it tells me, that my order is still getting proceed and they will notify me when its done. But i can continue and setup the console. Can upload apps and everything...but theres a very cool banner telling me, that because of my order is still beeing proceed, I am not able to publish apps. Everything else is working. This far. Just some minutes (last time it took 3 hours but in the end I got the same .u..) later, my Console is closed. In the console i get, that the payment wasnt successful and i should pay again (the VCC never even got billed...). I hit this button, and then I'm able to read, that Google "wasnt able to verify my provided personal details" and click here to get free cigars. No - its better! They want me to send them a scan of my ID - sure I'll do this...not.

    I have no idea what to do anymore...everytime the same. I already read that thread here (someone had a similar issue - but his console got suspended some DAYS after creation. And obviously they always billed his CCs) but I got another issue - I cant even pay...

    What i already tried:
    - new Google account every time
    - even other countrys, name, address
    - 3 different VCCs
    - around 5 different IPs (but I didnt use any public VPN, just using a server and setup a VPN there)
    - 3 different (virtual) PCs
    - cleared the cache, cookies, history and everything
    - used Chrome and Firefox

    But still everytime the same :(

    Could anyone please gimmi any ideas? :confused:

    Edit: Oh, I forgot: the VCC are working fine - i can pay with them on Google Play without any problems. Its really strange...
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  2. RodMar


    May 12, 2012
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    The only possible solution I can think of is an interpersonal one - ask a friend to help you out, or pay someone to do so. There are still so many people who have no intention of spending much time on the Internet but will help you out if you ask nicely and explain what you need. Just do it with someone you trust..