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    Hi All,

    I am wondering if there are any S.E.O experts here that could describe the impact that Google Instant will have on BH/WH S.E.O efforts? Would we have to drastically change the way in which we promote our sites? I only know a few bits about S.E.O and would like to know some tips and tweaks to use for promoting websites (BH and WH), keeping in mind Google's changing to Google Instant.

    Cheers and long live BHW!
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    Geez... why don't you read one of the 100 threads about it already posted??? :rolleyes:
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    there are like thousands :D .. Just use the search feature
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    Not only should another thread have NOT been posted, but you are asking the least productive of all questions...

    A smart person wouldn't worry about how it will affect their past efforts. A smart person figures out how to exploit the new system to capture a quick opportunity, and not evolve old strategies that don't need it - but rather revolutionize their thinking based on any found exploits.

    In short - it won't make a difference. If you were fine when Caf. first came on, then you will be fine now. This instant feature simply if just that - a feature of the infrastructure that was laid out in Caf's introduction. Those of us that adapt to change and "Test Fences" however will eventually find something buggy in the system just as we always have. My current strategy focuses purely on the H1 tag..... I think that is going to be the 2nd biggest factor (the 1st is easy to figure out), and an even bigger than it has been up to this point.

    If you look at Caffeine in the tier'ed manner as it has been released and as features are unlocked and added, there's clear evidence of a variety of concerning factors - but it's a discussion for a much better thread as opposed to another whiny "Is The Sky Falling?" post.

    Caf introduced a variety of new SEO factors, Instant is just a flash in the pan that if featured when Caf was brought up may have brought too much attention to an obvious change - the first most important factor, now.
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