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    I am using wordpress blogging platform for my site. On the 28th of September I changed the permanent links of the post's URLs to and was impressed with the way the site was ranking in Google's SERPs. I then read later that if you want your site to be included in Google's news, the URLs of your posts should have the custom structure On the 29th I changed the urls of the posts to
    I then realized that the title of the posts starting from the 1st of October were not showing up in Google SERPs. Out of distubance i then changed the URLs to
    I try to search for the title of the posts and the full urls of the posts do not show but the link to the homepage with the meta description.
    An example is below.

    Please tell me what to do for the full url's of the posts together with their appropriate title to show up in SERPs instead of a link to the homepage of